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howaycon_hosts's Journal

Howay!Con Host Club
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General community for the 'Hosts' of Howay!Con.
Derp derrrp.
amecon, anime, batman, brcbrcbrc, broccoli monster, ceiling gant, cosplaying, dancing, fedoras, food in the war, friends from lincoln, gary-god, gladiators of fair trade, haggis, hana yori dango vol.7, hiiiiiiii, homo-ing things, kaffeccino's, lag, lawyers from sweden, mafia, manga, mark-jesus, not going to derby, not going to plymouth, ouran koukou host club, pidgeons, pimp sticks, pizza, playing pig, playing sweaty bishie, prince of tennis cards, quotes, shine, st. sushi, sweaty bishie, take that, the batmobile, top hats, tugly guy, video games, 桜蘭高校ホスト部